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On Chance in Artistic Creation – August Strindberg

STRINDBERG, August (1894), “On Chance in Artistic Creation” [Des arts nouveaux! ou le hasard dans la production artistique], trad. de Kjersti Board, Cabinet, 3 (Weather), Summer 2001, <>.


Cabinet, Issue 3 The Weather Summer 2001 

On Chance in Artistic Creation

August Strindberg

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The Uncanny (1919) – Freud

Das  Unheimlich [O sentimento de algo ameaçadoramente estranho]

Há versão portuguesa:

FREUD, Sigmund  (1919), “O sentimento de algo ameaçadoramente estranho” [Das Unheimlich], trad. de Manuela Barreto, in Textos essenciais sobre literatura, arte e psicanálise, Mem Martins, Publicações Europa-América, 1994, pp. 209-242.

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O efeito cómico dos comportamentos mecânicos e automáticos.

Algumas citações de O riso de Bergson, a título de comentário ao visionamento dos filmes de Buster Keaton…

 “A expressão cómica do rosto é aquela que não promete mais do que aquilo que patenteia. É uma máscara única e definitiva. Dir-se-ia que toda a vida moral do indivíduo cristalizou naquele sistema. E é por isso que uma cara é tanto mais cómica quanto melhor nos sugere a ideia de qualquer acção simples, mecânica, em que a personalidade ficasse para sempre condensada”.

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Alguns links a propósito de Stan Brakhage

“Alexander Cozen’s ‘New Method’ [...]” by Charles A. Cramer

CRAMER, Charles A. (1997), “Alexander Cozen’s ‘New Method’: the blot and general nature – painter”, The Art Bulletin, March 1997.


Alexander Cozen’s ‘New Method’: the blot and general nature – painter

Charles A. Cramer

Born in 1717 to English parents in Peter the Great’s Russia, Alexander Cozens was educated from the age of ten in London, where he remained until a brief return to Russia in the late 1730s or early 1740s.(1) In 1746 he was among the first English artists to go to Italy, where he studied under Claude-Joseph Vernet. Between 1749 and 1754 Cozens was drawing master to Christ’s Hospital in London, and by the mid-1760s he was at Eton, where he taught both Sir George Beaumont and the famous autobiographer Henry Angelo. Although only nine oil paintings can be attributed to him with any certainty, Cozens exhibited regularly at the Society of Arts, the Free Society of Artists, and the Royal Academy. It is not for his finished oils, however, that Cozens is remembered today, but for his drawings and theories, and for his direct or indirect influence on many of the most celebrated landscape artists of the English tradition. Continue reading ‘“Alexander Cozen’s ‘New Method’ [...]” by Charles A. Cramer’ »

“Chance Images” – H. W. Janson


JANSON, Horst W. (1973), “Chance Images”, in WIENER, Philip P., Ed., Dictionary of the History of Ideas: Studies of Selected Pivotal Ideas, Vol. 1, New York, Scribner’s, pp. 340-353.

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“Stumbling Over/Upon Art” – Dario Gamboni

Issue 19 Chance Fall 2005

Stumbling Over/Upon Art

Dario Gamboni


“Chance in art” can mean many different things, so numerous and so varied that one may be tempted to dismiss the term as a misnomer or a lexical straw man, like so many adherents to the notion of divine or natural causality have done in the past: “Chance seems to be only a term, by which we express our ignorance of the cause of any thing.”1 But there may be a plane on which at least some of these meanings and forms meet and which can illuminate them—this essay will attempt to locate it.

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