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Sobre Francis Alÿs

textos (Debord, Weizman…)


Na sequência da aula de ontem, ficam aqui alguns textos que podem ser úteis como introdução às apresentações da próxima segunda-feira:


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Rosalind Krauss on the grid in modern art

“The Grid” from The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths

Color versions of some images in this essay.

Algumas referências…

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LABELLE, Brandon, Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art, New York/London, Continuum, 2006,
(versão pdf com algumas páginas em falta):

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1970 Expanded Media Editions

[Também existe versão portuguesa (ver na biblioteca da FBAUP>>>)]


An Anthology of Chance Operations – La Mounte Young, Ed.

Para uma contextualização mais precisa das questões do acaso no seio do movimento Fluxus:

An Anthology of Chance Operations – La Monte Young, Ed. (New York, La Monte Young & Jackson Mac Low, 1963)

A versão em pdf ode ser descarregada aqui

ou aqui

Mais um texto sobre Strindberg…

The Elemental Photographer

Clément Chéroux on August Strindberg

August Strindberg (1849–1912) was a celebrated playwright, novelist and poet, whose whose writing was often filled with his own sense of despair, anxiety and gloom. During regular periods of writing inactivity, he was also a prolific painter and photographer. For Strindberg, the 1890s became known as the “Inferno Years”, during which he painted a series of tempestuous seascapes and produced a range of experimental photographs, as well as attempting alchemy and corresponding with occultists. Clément Chéroux explores the influence of the natural sciences on his photograph

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Chance-Imagery, by George Brecht

BRECHT, George (1966), Chance-Imagery, [s.l.], Ubuweb, 2004, <> [acedido em: 23/1/2008].


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The Celestographs of August Strindberg – Douglas Feuk

 Cabinet, Issue 3 The Weather Summer 2001

The Celestographs of August Strindberg

Douglas Feuk

Few outside of Sweden know that the playwright August Strindberg had periods of intense engagement with painting and photo-graphy in the 1890s, when his literary creat-ivity had reached a deadlock. In an essay from 1894 called “Chance in Artistic Creation,” he describes the methods that he employs, speaking about his wish to “imitate […] nature’s way of creating.Continue reading ‘The Celestographs of August Strindberg – Douglas Feuk’ »

O segredo de polichinelo de 3 stoppages étalon…

GOUL, Stephen J. e SHEARER, Rhonda R. (1999), “Hidden in Plain Sight: Duchamp’s 3 Standard Stoppages, More Truly a «Stoppage»
(An Invisible Mending) Than We Ever Realized”, Tout-fait, 1:1, December 1999