The Museum of Modern Strategy (MOMS) was born in 1997 from the very nature of the museological ambiguity and has sought to act as a critical device and possible mausoleum of the specialisation of power and its many different strategies. It was planned on the base of a fictional and heterodox structure, seeking to use its ambiguous status to largely justify its existence.
MOMS is part of a vaster project, with the general name of BUNKER, which includes several different internal and external ramifications. The first category includes the Analytical Department, the Art Department, the International Department and the Digital Department, and also the Revolting the Museum project; the second category includes the projects Bird’s Eye, Night Watch and War in Theory.
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This is the first and most comprehensive of the departments. All the activities of the museum take place here whether iit be analysis of a more theoretical character or even pure reflection.

As the name itself indicates, this department is concerned with a trans-national and globalising analysis of these questions. It has used theE-Journal of Modern Strategy and the museum's web site as its preferred vehicles.

Created with the sole objective of planning a museum — without works, without a programme and with no aim other than providing an allegorical exercise —, it is almost exausted with the project of a BUNKER, designed by the architect Duarte Soares Lema for a reclaimed land on the outskirts of Oporto.

This new department (sept. 2001) is dedicated to the practical and theoretical analysis of the mutations due the intense digitalization of the world. The programmers working on this department are then triyng to develop new software able to act as a membrane between ana and digi world.

Among others:


Moms Ensemble

Nigth watch

War in Theory

Bird's Eye

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