This is the first and most comprehensive of the departments. All the activities of the museum take place here whether it be analysis of a more theoretical character or pure reflection. The creation of the specialisation sections is being studied. There is already a fully operational publications section, responsible for the publishing of the Journal of Modern Strategy (and its electronic version) and for the anthology War in Theory.

The Journal of Modern Strategy and its electronic version, the E-Journal of Modern Strategy, generally consist of an image and a caption, sometimes followed by a short text and, in the electronic version, by hyperlinks related to the issue in question.

The publication of the E-Journal of Modern Strategy is suspended since late December 1999, waiting for the development of a new profile for the Department exterior activities.

To take a look on some of the old issues just click on the images below:

Nº 9 - Vol.2
Nº 10 - Vol.2
Nº 11 - Vol.2

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