There are several activities happening outside the departmental structure or being held has part of a more global attitude towards this project.
So, this is the page to gather the hybrid contributes to the Museum of Modern Strategy that it was impossible to include under any of the departments or its sections.


Exhibitions and other events

Moms Ensemble

The Museum of Modern Strategy was invitated to take part in the's [.format] project (Berlim, 1999). The sound piece was created translating directly a .txt file to a .aiff file. No filters. The same bytes. Only some later studio work. It's a kind of musical rectified ready-made and it's also about translating a text to a raw audio format. We have the same components but no content at all (at least the not original one). The text *translated* into a new format is part of Clausewitz's "On war". For the Museum of Modern Strategy the Format invitation was a important opportunity to start developing new fields of work. First, by *creating* sound pieces, and second having the opportunity to splinter the contents of some war theory classics (as the MOMS had done in other occasions, but not exactly with sound).
And right now the MUSEUM is working on a all new range of sound pieces (ready-mades and rectified ready-mades) in collaboration with other musicians.

Nigth Watch

War in Theory

Bird's Eye

A video installation presented for the first time in the exhibition "Jetlag" (Lisbon, University Campus, 1996). It consists of a serie of interviews with f-16 pilots, on a unique 80 minutes video and mounted in a way that destroys any documental possibility.

"Grenades in their eyes", Jetlag - 1996 (detail)
"Bunker - Museum of Modern Strategy", 1997.

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