This worthless object, this solid concrete building, this archetype between the mausoleum and the museum.

The Museum of Modern Strategy has generated several more or less spurious bodies, among which the Art Department. Created with the sole objective of planning a museum — without works, without a programme and with no aim other than providing an allegorical exercise —, it is exausted with the realisation of the project of a BUNKER, conceived for a reclaimed land on the outskirts of Oporto, and which was designed by the architect Duarte Soares Lema.
The paradoxical undertaking presented here has been the result of intense collaborative work.

More INFO on the project (text and images)

The project was presented for the first time in 1998 at the Museum's website and at ISEA Revolting 98 (Manchester). After that, several public presentations were prepared by the Art Department team.

The first one, a kind of preview that used the Model A (above), toke place in Oporto (May-june 1999), integrated in the exhibition - Quartel: Arte, Trabalho, Revolução [see E-Journal#9]

The main project, including Model B (see right), 3D rendering images, a slide-show and plans, was presented at the CAPC (Coimbra, Portugal) in November 1999. During 1998 and 1999, the MOMS website presented regular updates with information about the work in course.

There were also presentations in Glasgow (Mackintosh Museum,Glasgow School of Arts, 2000) and Lisbon (SNBA). In this last exhibition (10 artists+10 architects) it was presented The Model C (Nomadic Model) - see also right-bottom).

More INFO on the project (text and images)

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