As the name itself indicates, the International Department is concerned with a trans-national and globalising analysis of the questions related with strategy. It has used the E-Journal of Modern Strategy and the museum's Web site as its preferred vehicles.

Since 1997, the International Department has developed several activities mainly based on the internet capacity of exponentinal growing and the possibility to establish unstable and fictional characters on a world scale.

Within those projects are, for example, the
Revolting the Museum and Kosovo websites.
The Revolting the Museum project is intended to orientate the very concept of MOMS – within a strategy of mobility that is part of its very existence - towards a reconstruction from the outside, making way for a paradoxical idea of an open museum, without an author, without history and virtually infinite. In essence, opening the museum to the interstices of reality.

This site acts as an embryo of a revolutionised MOMS – it is a place to register short histories, commentaries, thoughts, reactions, news,links or other texts that anybody would like to provide on power strategies. Given the institutional character of MOMS, any contribution will instantly acquire the condition of museum piece.

[unfortunately, the server [] that hosted the former Revolting The Museum site is now down (Jan. 2002). So, all the contributions gathered since 1998 were lost for ever. MOMS attained by that way its ultimate condition: impermanence.
In face of that the project assumed a circular move and is now starting again the infinite archive requested by the Museum of Modern Strategy]

Kosovo is a project from 1999. The idea was to rethink history from the war situation in the Balkans. creating a network based at the Museum of Modern Strategy site and opened to all sort of collaborations. There were several texts published by, among others, Geert Lovink, Ivo Martins + XANA, Hari Kunzru, Celso Alvarez Cáccamo, Fernando José Pereira, José Ramos-Horta, Fernando Lacerda, Miguel Leal and Robin Hamman.


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